1. Provide two-year free warranty and lifelong maintenance service for the products sold. That is to say, within one year, if the product is damaged due to poor material or design defects, it can be replaced or repaired free of charge (within one year, it must be guaranteed that the product appearance is not damaged). After one year, a certain cost will be charged for the maintenance and replacement.

2. Within one week after the sale, if the quality of the product seriously affects the use, we can return the product, but we must ensure that the appearance of the product is free from any damage and the package is complete; we promise to complete the return procedures within two working days after receiving the return.

3. The software included in the monitoring products can enjoy the free upgrade service in the later stage, and support the perfect function.

4. Provide corresponding technical support and cooperation for the products sold, and guarantee 24-hour technical hotline service.

5. The following product damage or other reasons not caused by the company are not included in the free maintenance of the company:
a. Incorrect installation
b. Voltage mismatch
c. Improper use due to failure to follow the instructions
d. Repair or alteration not authorized by our company
e. The machine is short of necessary maintenance
f. Failure to provide proper working environment
g. Product damage caused by user's second transportation
h. System failure not caused by our company's software or virus
i. Natural disasters (lightning, earthquake, tsunami, etc.) and accidents and other force majeure

The above guarantee has the same legal effect on each user. Due to changes in countries or regions, other rights may only apply to specific customers.