The walkbike (pedalless bicycle)


These bicycles are also called by other names such as: balance bike, walkbike, pushbike or balance bike. To better understand how pedalless bicycles work, it is important to know about the beginnings of the bicycle. In various books, encyclopaedias, websites, etc., we can find information on this subject. Throughout time there are several characters who contributed to the development of what we now know as a bicycle, however, here we will mention the most admirable part that actually is what converges to give beginning to the pedalless bicycles.

On 14 June 1817 (19th century), the German Karl Drais invented a machine to move, which is the basis from which later ideas were born to get to form and improve the structure and operation of bicycles. In fact, years ago it was not called a bicycle but a "velocipede", until it gradually evolved into today's bicycles. 

This "velocipede" by Karl Drais had no pedals. It was a basic machine consisting of two wheels (one at the front and one at the back), a seat for the crotch and a guide for the arms. Interestingly, after this invention "evolved" into today's elaborate system we call a bicycle, children can now learn to ride a bicycle on a "velocipede" similar to the initial invention.
For about 15 years now, walkbikes have been used to teach children how to ride a bicycle, and with this we have taken a giant step backwards in the process of learning to ride a bicycle. With the pedalless bikes it is now possible for all children from the time they can walk to be able to ride a bike.

Walkbikes, being bikes without pedals, give children the opportunity to let their own feet be the accelerator and brake. This feature allows children to get on a bike without the classic help that many of us experience, having a family member behind us all the time to hold the bike for some time, until they learn to balance.

It has been proven by millions of children who used and currently use bikes without pedals that this is the most comfortable, safest and fastest way to learn to ride a bike. On average, a child using a walkbike can learn to ride well in about 1 week and become proficient in about 1 month. This significantly reduces the learning time of children of past generations, who took several months to learn to ride well.

The autonomy, freedom and ease that a clipless bike offers children in learning to ride are not the only benefits. Children who use a walkbike from an early age (from 1.5 - 2 years old) have better gross motor development due to the dexterity of the movements they make on the bike. It has also been noted that children's social development is significantly improved as this sport is an individual sport but they are usually around other children in training or competitions they attend.

As we have mentioned, pedalless bikes are an excellent option for children who already know how to walk to learn this sport with many benefits and that added to this, it is a fun activity that provides autonomy in its practice.

Who would have thought that an invention from more than 200 years ago would come back to show us that sometimes the simple things are the most convenient and effective.

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The walkbike (pedalless bicycle)

These bicycles are also called by other names such as: balance bike, walkbike, pushbike or balance bike.


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